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I’ve had some VC’s asking me about JAMstack

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

So I wrote up a thing.

JAMstack is funny. Technologically, it’s both super simple and a paradigm shift in building websites.

In some ways, it’s a rejection of websites getting so complicated. If you made an “index.html” file for your cafe and put the soup of the day on it and hosted on bare-bones hosting, that’s a JAMstack site. Like we did in like 1993. No fancy server-side languages. No database. Just a file with some content on it. 

The funny part is, even very modern websites can be built on JAMstack. Just about any kind of site can be. It just means some content in some files tossed up on simple web hosting designed for it. The big concept behind JAMstack is like, if we do that, there are some big advantages with speed and SEO and security. Plus we can have super cool developer tools around it, both locally (e.g. static site generators) and hosted (e.g. Netlify/ZEIT). Then add to it the fact that people still wanna do fancy dynamic things with websites, so services pop up to help do all those things (process your forms, store your data, help you log in, yadda yadda).

So it’s like a whole industry all the sudden. I’m a fan.

Joker Logo

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

The #1 thing I miss about Milwaukee, aside from friends and family, is the open membership Bay View Printing Co. I got nostalgic for it seeing the super basic wooden letterform way they made the logo for the new Joker movie.

Burnt Pizza

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

“Say you’re trying to test whether people like pizza. If you serve them burnt pizza, you’re not getting feedback on whether they like pizza. You only know that they don’t like burnt pizza. Similarly, when you’re only relying on the MVP, the fastest and cheapest functional prototype, you risk not actually testing your product, but rather a poor or flawed version of it.”

Jiaona “JZ” Zhang 

I can always work.

Monday, November 25th, 2019

I can work when I’m sad.
I can work when I’m happy.

I can work when I have 5 minutes.
I can work when I have five hours.

I can work from an office desk.
I can work laying on a couch in front of the fireplace.

I can work with all sorts of injuries and sicknesses.
I can work it when I’m healthy and in good shape.

I can work from WiFi.
I can work on my phone’s internet connection.
I can even work offline to some degree.

It’s for better, because I like work for the most part.
It’s for worse, because the burnout danger is a lot higher if there are ever-rarer circumstances that force a break.

One definite forcing-function to stop working is chronic pain. I continue to be able to work as I recover from my broken arms injury. That wasn’t chronic pain. Chronic pain has a way of getting into your brain just as much as your body. I feel terrible for Dave and all this back stuff he’s going through.

Seth Bernard – The Original Swing

Monday, November 18th, 2019

This song is so weird and good I love it.

My Favorites Movies of the 2010’s

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Polygon writers all did top 10 lists and it made me want to play.

  1. Moonrise Kingdom
  2. Inside Llewyn Davis
  3. Hell or High Water
  4. Drive
  5. Ex Machina
  6. Coco
  7. Take Shelter
  8. Arrival
  9. Prometheus
  10. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  11. Mad Max: Fury Road
  12. Inception
  13. Pacific Rim
  14. Edge of Tomorrow
  15. Interstellar