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I can always work.

I can work when I’m sad.
I can work when I’m happy.

I can work when I have 5 minutes.
I can work when I have five hours.

I can work from an office desk.
I can work laying on a couch in front of the fireplace.

I can work with all sorts of injuries and sicknesses.
I can work it when I’m healthy and in good shape.

I can work from WiFi.
I can work on my phone’s internet connection.
I can even work offline to some degree.

It’s for better, because I like work for the most part.
It’s for worse, because the burnout danger is a lot higher if there are ever-rarer circumstances that force a break.

One definite forcing-function to stop working is chronic pain. I continue to be able to work as I recover from my broken arms injury. That wasn’t chronic pain. Chronic pain has a way of getting into your brain just as much as your body. I feel terrible for Dave and all this back stuff he’s going through.