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I Can Knot Not Code

I think knots are so cool. Knots, as in, tying rope in special ways to accomplish different tasks with the rope. This website is way better than it even needs to be and I love it.

I even have this very fancy hardcover book that is like the classic knots book: The Ashley Book of Knots.

Ya know what else?

I suck at tying knots. I don’t know a single knot beyond tying my own shoelaces and honestly, I’m not even particularly good at that. I even have some nice rope at home and plenty of space to practice.

I think it’s because my thinking knots are cool and desire to learn how to tie them isn’t enough to actually get better. All the want in the world and fiddling with rope once in a while isn’t getting me there.

Concentrated practice over a long period would probably do it. Putting in the hours.

But… I probably won’t.

I don’t have any stake in the game. I’m not in a position to need special knots very often, and when I am, my garbage knot skills get me through anyway.

We’re all different, so I’m just speaking for myself, but I can only learn what I need to because I have a stake in the game. I have to learn because the situation is right in front of my face day after day.

Something something learning to code.