My Particular Podcast Journey

There are loads of ways to start a podcast, so this is not prescriptive. But I figured I’d write out how I’ve done it in case it’s useful.

Get a decent audio setup. You can get a lot for $1,000. but I got away with just a RODE podcaster bolted to my desk for years. These days I even have a fancy booth! But that was a splurge after half a decade.

Find a way to publish episodes. You’ll need to be generating an RSS feed that is podcast-friendly. I like WordPress. I’ve used podPress and Blubrry, but Seriously Simple Podcasting looks the cleanest and is best reviewed.

Record/publish regularly. There is something psychological about it that gets people to subscribe and stay subscribed if you’re regular. Nothing hurts moral worse than nobody listening.

Have a partner. Two people are more interesting than one, generally. @davatron5000 is taken, lolzsorry. A partner splits the workload too, which is good for longevity. We talk to each other and guests over Zoom, but have them record locally. Zencaster is pretty amazing also.

We plan episodes in Notion, sharing the notes with the guest. We have a little tech-notes guide they can look at so they know what to do on the day of the show: (Be somewhere quiet with good internet and headphones!)

There are a few places you have to actually SUBMIT your podcast too, like iTunes and Spotify. But the RSS feed is what most podcatchers need.

Having a sound editor person is nice because it ups the quality and takes that task off your plate. Lemon Productions is good.

You gotta host the MP3 somewhere that isn’t gonna cost you a ton of money. Even S3 ain’t nothing. Simplecast is great for that. They do much more than hosting, so their whole feature set might be of interest to you.

Advertising is tough. Unless you’re going to try to go full time on it and make an absolutely amazing podcast on a topic that appeals to a wide audience, we’re talking beer money. I’m not on a “network”, but I don’t think that’s a golden ticket.

If you can afford it, transcribing the podcast is good for a lot of reasons, including accessibility. I wish we did it more. Pham Transcriptions is good.

Good luck!