Public Bug Trackers

Brent Simmons:

Decisions about what to work on — and when, and by whom — are complicated. From the outside it might look like it’s as simple as picking the next feature request with the most votes, but it’s not that simple.

Amen. We did one little foray into having a public Issue Tracker for CodePen, but it didn’t last long for all these reasons. It’s not that companies shouldn’t be more open generally:

I’d argue that most companies aren’t open and accessible enough. Many companies don’t listen to their users very well. Many don’t even write honest and respectful release notes.

But as Brent says, public issue tracking is just a fast track to getting bogged down and frustrated, with little to gain.

I do think more isolated things could be done publicly though, like a public accessibility audit, where companies probably should be answering publicly for why things are in the state they are in.


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