The Return of Northern Exposure

I donated a few bucks years ago to More Northern Exposure Now!, a campaign by Darren Burrows (Ed from the show Northern Exposure) to bring the show back. He’s been diligently at the task, sending out an email to supporters during those years keeping us all up to date on what’s been going on. He’s written creative, taken meetings all over the world, gotten other cast members to sign on…

We are currently working with a major streaming partner to get a “green light” for the production of a new season, ten episodes, featuring the original surviving cast members and a host of very interesting new characters.

But then all the sudden, turns out the show is getting rebooted from an entirely different direction.

CBS is developing a reboot of its 1990s dramedy Northern Exposure, with series star Rob Morrow and creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey attached.

I can’t tell if Darren is 100% stoked or disappointed that he’s not more involved. I’m not sure how I feel either, but it sounds like there is a ton of original player involvement and that seems like a good move. I’m hoping I love it. There have been so many reboots that I long awaited and then just didn’t care about. Futurama and Twin Peaks are among my favorite shows of all time, but for whatever reason, didn’t even get around to watching the reboots. 🤔