CrossFit and Shoulders

Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine:

A portion (30.5%) of the participants surveyed reported experiencing an injury over the previous 12 months because of their participation in CrossFit training. Injuries to the shoulders (39%), back (36%), knees (15%), elbows (12%), and wrists (11%) were most common for both male and female participants. The greatest number of injuries occurred among those who participated in CrossFit training 3 to 5 days per week (χ2 = 12.51; P = .0019).

That’s me. Fairly heavy CrossFit for a few years there and ended up with a shoulder injury that took over a year to come back from 80% or so. I’ve never been happier with my fitness than when I was really into CrossFit, but let it drop when I moved to Oregon as it was too hard to start over culturally at a new box. I do some new thing now and I like it OK but it’s not the same. And I’m still afraid of CrossFit because I can’t risk getting hurt again (mixed with a little anxiety over not being able to hack it anymore, even thought that’s dumb because boxes are generally very welcoming of all fitness levels.)