Kids and Career

I know a guy who says that his family is both his #1 motivation and source of strength in both life and business. And that his family is his #1 limitation. It’s a fair thing to say I think. Even if you are super dedicated to your business, your hours are much more limited when you have a partner and young children. I’m living it now. It’s not that I’m not productive, it’s just not the same as when I was alone and I spent every waking second on my career.

This thread from Eric Bahn was quite frank about all this:

He says he’s fat, tired, spending 80k a year for family care, operating at 60%, and his wife has it even harder and it strains their marriage. Yeesh, dude. But of course the obligatory family brings great joy in other ways.

My wife and I only have one baby, and we also have a nanny, and it’s very hard, but I feel like it isn’t nearly as bleak as Eric paints it (for us). Little Ruby is amazing. I love that little stinker. At my age (38) I feel like I’m working all the hours I can before my brain melts anyway so my work hours don’t feel slaughtered unless something like travel starts getting out of control.

I found it funny for a VC like Eric to be this frank. It’s refreshing, but it feels like it’s just shy of total honesty. He was asked Does it make you more or less likely to fund Parent/Founders? I’ve never met Eric and have no idea what he’s like, but I feel like… how can it not? The whole fund is about hustling. The picture that was painted is a tired ass dad with red eyes working 20 hours a week huffing and puffing up the stairs. That guy comes into a VC meeting that funds hustlers and has the same chances as some bounding-with-energy kid? Nah.