The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

A great look into the origins and rise to popularity of Magic. Including, to no one’s surprise, shitty actors in the community and the struggle to deal with them.

I had a pretty hardcore Magic phase in high school. I still have boxes and boxes of cards, now quite useless as the format is quite different. I like the new formats though. I’d never have the time and patience these days to play in an Unlimited setup (where almost all cards are fair game). I love cracking open new cards, making a deck right there, and getting to play. I’m sure that change is what has kept Magic from being unapproachable and instead blowing up. 30 million people, it says. Wow.

Like many things from my past, occasionally the nostalgia gets so strong that I have a little resurgence phase. Happened a few years ago, but not since. Oh hey I have a Black Lotus still and a bunch of great stuff from the early days if anyone out there wants to have a look.