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Simply Banh Mi

What is your wife’s cousin’s husband called? Anyway, that’s John Tran to me, who’s got a great little profile in byGeorge. The article opens up about his “objectively bad website”:

We have a pretty objectively bad website. If I paid someone to make that, I’d be pretty irritated. But I try to be real. I’m not going to pay someone to do this, and I think our food is good, so there you have it. You could have the best website, but who’s going to do that? Getting to the bottom’s real easy, so I went with that.

It’s really not that bad. It’s cute and funny. It’s got ordering links. It’s got a map and contact information. You could do a lot worse.

It reminds me of Dan Cederholm’s favorite website.

This is my favorite website. I visit it almost every day. It’s not responsive. It’s not optimized for iPhone. It looks blurry on a Retina display. It doesn’t use the latest HTML5/CSS3 framework. It doesn’t have a thoughtful vertical rhythm. The fonts are nothing special. It is neither skeumorphic nor flat. It doesn’t have its own favicon. It doesn’t have a native app or Twitter or Instagram. It doesn’t use AJAX or SCRUM or node.js or Sinatra. It doesn’t have an API or an RSS feed or VC funding. It hasn’t been featured on a prominent tech blog or won an award.

It tells me the soups of the day.

For the record, Dan posted that 5 years ago and it’s still telling the soup of the day.