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Farewell, Charlotte

She was one of the best ones. Here’s hoping her retirement is relaxing and rewarding.

I’m retiring from the web design industry. The web dev industry. Just the web in general. I’m so burnt out, and I don’t think it’s recoverable. It’s not a hidden secret that the web can be a toxic place and as designers and developers, the people who build this, we can contribute to making this a better or worse place. When I first started doing web design, social media wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as it is now and I would focus on websites as a source of entertainment or information. Then, slowly, the field evolved. Trends changed, mostly for the better, but the ones that changed for the worst have — in my opinion — soured the job for me. There’s a larger focus on being data-driven, hyperanalytical, and algorithmically intelligent, which has led to polarising politics and views to extreme lengths. As a trans woman, I get to see extreme misogyny and transphobia (and transmisogyny, the two together) first-hand spiralling online.