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My Favorite Wisconsin Cheeses

I’m not a massive cheese expert. I’m sure there are all sorts of fancy cheeses I’ve never tried. I’m also limited in my cheese palette. I’m not a big fan of blues, anything goat, any of the smelly ones, or even swiss. But I have my favorites.

Sartori Montamoré

Pretty much anything by Sartori is awesome.

The Espresso BellaVitano is also supreme.

Landmark Pipit

Landmark Creamery’s Petit Nuage is the fresh version and seems like it’s more celebrated (it’s great), but I like the normal version.

Literally any super fresh cheese curds.


They better be under 24 hours old.

Cesar’s Queso Oaxaca

I’m a pretty big fan of your basic Baker Smoked String Cheese, but if you wanna go a little fancier this is the way to go.

Hook’s Cheddar

Older the better.

Cheddar cheese is literally a commodity in the US. It’s only usurped by mozzarella in popularity, because pizza. Wisconsin makes a lot of cheddar, but it’s largely unremarkable. If you’re gonna go there for fancy cheese eatin’ (not just for some random nachos), this’ll do ya.

Widmer’s Brick

I feel like Brick is pretty Wisconsiny as-is, and this is perhaps Wisconsin’s best. For a super Wisconsiny cheese, try a Butterkäse!