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The GraphQL Guide

It’s just kinda awesome to see the luminary John Resig (along with co-author Loren Sands-Ramshaw) go all-in on GraphQL. Not only will it be useful for this book to exist, but the fact they are writing it legitimizes the tech all that much more.

What I really like about this is how they are selling it. It feels smart, fair, and damn entrepreneurial.

  1. For $39 you get the eBook, which comes with a bunch of Git repos.
  2. For $89 you also get “free” updates for 2 years, bonus content, and an interactive tool.
  3. For $289 you get support, community, even more content, and a shirt.
  4. For $749 you also get to come to a day-long workshop
  5. Starting at $1000 you get team licensing

All that sounds very fair to me. The base price is a good number. Not too low, not too high. Meaty tech books are rightly a bit pricey. Then each step up is both a significant price increase and gives you significantly more. I bet they’ll sell well across all those tiers.