Cooperative Games

As made it into my life story talk recently, I’m way more into cooperative gameplay than competitive. I don’t mind competition, but when it comes to recreational play, I’d rather work with you to solve a problem than duke it out in silence and declare a winner.

My friend Rebecca introduced me to Forbidden Island the other day, and it’s exactly that. It’s everybody against the game! The mechanics are such that you need to strategize together to capture some treasure and get off the island before you fail (and there are a variety of ways to fail).

It’s quite fun I think, but it’s subject to an alpha or two running the show. I guess the more you play the more you come to terms with that. If you can’t speak up your ideas, you might as well no play. Likewise, if you can’t shut up and listen a little, you might as well Geri’s Game it.

Also, it’s pretty cheap for a nice metal tin and lots of parts!

I haven’t played it, but she also suggested Pandemic, which has the same cooperative setup: