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Networking Is Overrated

Adam Grant: Not long ago, I watched a colleague try to climb the ladder of success solely through networking. For a few years, he managed to meet increasingly influential people and introduce them to one another. Eventually, it fell apart when they realized he didn’t have a meaningful connection with any of them. Networking alone […]

Why don’t more bands operate more like Phish?

I’m well past my Phish days. I have an occasional bout of sentimentality, but only in the same kinda way I still watch an episode of Seinfeld or eat Spaghetti O’s on purpose. But what Phish has always done with live shows is amazing. You never quite know what you are going to get. Never-repeated […]

Erik Singer, Linguistics Guy

It’s 30 minutes long, but it goes by super fast because nearly every second is fascinating: The top comment? How the actual fuck is this stuff so entertaining? Top reply: because you’re learning My take: It’s fascinating to watch someone share what they are passionate about. Me in 2012: I really love the show New […]

Two Signs

There are two main popular yard signs in my neighborhood right now. One says: We back the badge. Another says: Hate has no home here. When I see them at houses right next to each other, I can’t help but think the subtext is: We don’t really like them → and: ← We don’t really […]

No Spoons

Part of a video series with Butch Robbins about bluegrass history. Which brings me to an interesting point that David Greer shared with me one time. How come it is that when a guitar player takes on another instrument. He’s sitting there playing guitar. Every respects him for his guitar playing. He puts on another […]

Poor David’s Almanack

First listen is up on NPR Music. If it’s half as good as Nashville Obsolete OR A Friend of a Friend it’ll be a classic.

The Rabbit Test

While taking classes at Well Rounded to prepare us for the birth of our first child, I learned a weird little historical fact about pregnancy tests. The Rabbit Test: The original test used mice and was based upon the observation that when urine from a woman in the early months of pregnancy is injected into […]

Everything Except Country and Rap

Years ago I drew a picture of a dude sitting at a bar with loads of gold chains on sitting at a bar next to another dude in a 10 gallon hat. Above them were speech bubbles. The chains guy said “I like everything but country.” That hat guy said “I like everything but rap.” […]

The People’s Flag of Milwaukee

The more I see it the more I like it. You can buy it now, and that has given it even more life. Just walking around my neighborhood I bet there is 10 flying. I picked one up, even though I’m leaving Milwaukee soon. I’d also buy this in a heartbeat if I was in […]

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