Erik Singer, Linguistics Guy

It’s 30 minutes long, but it goes by super fast because nearly every second is fascinating:

The top comment?

How the actual fuck is this stuff so entertaining?

Top reply:

because you’re learning

My take:

It’s fascinating to watch someone share what they are passionate about. Me in 2012:

I really love the show New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram. It’s essentially him working in public. He’s an extraordinary craftsman. I don’t woodwork at all and I still enjoy it.


I watch a somewhat embarrassing amount of live StarCraft 2. For the uninitiated: StarCraft 2 is a “real time strategy” game where you control a large number of units essentially splitting your attention all over the place. Ultimately you build an army of units and battle with another player for victory.

The game software records every game you play, so you can rewatch them anytime. There is even a special interface for this, so you can learn from what’s going on and get at-a-glance statistics.


Bob Ross.

Intimately watching people do what they do best is… the best.