Why don’t more bands operate more like Phish?

I’m well past my Phish days. I have an occasional bout of sentimentality, but only in the same kinda way I still watch an episode of Seinfeld or eat Spaghetti O’s on purpose.

But what Phish has always done with live shows is amazing. You never quite know what you are going to get. Never-repeated setlists, interesting covers, clever segues, and totally unique moments. These days, they even make the show available pretty much immediately to buy online. Back in the day, anybody was free to record the show and make copies for friends.

Seems like that would be a boon for any band. Steven Hyden:

I suspect my wish has less to do with technology than philosophy — I wish more bands made it worthwhile to stream every show, by playing creative concerts that don’t just repeat the same songs every night. Is that too much to ask? Live music is an art form that’s just as valid as making an album, even if it’s rarely discussed in those terms. But too many artists treat playing live merely as a promotional avenue for selling albums that relatively few people will buy, a point of view that seems increasingly out-of-sync with the times.

(via Milwaukee Record)