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Passion and Pickiness

If you’re super into car stereos, it’s more fun to work on nice cars installing state of the art equipment than it is fixing an old radio in a jalopy.

If you’re super into bicycles, it’s more fun to work on a high performance bike with modern componentry than oiling the rusty chain of an old Huffy.

If you’re super into math, it’s more fun to talk theory with fellow math nerds than it is to teach long division to middle schoolers.

If you’re super into fitness, it’s more fun to train serious athletes than to work with half-heartedly committed schlubs.

If you’re super into cooking, you’d rather work in a spacious kitchen with good equipment than in a cramped apartment with old appliances.

For the most part, anyway. Surely there are folks who’s passion is strong and broad enough that any chance they get to be active in it feels good. But I imagine this kind of thing largely holds true.

Sometimes it bums me out. Like when I want a new car stereo, but it needs to be within a tight budget and go in my old truck. I’m no fun for that salesman or installation person. Or when I need my old bike tuned up and the bike repair person isn’t exactly excited about the job.