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I spent the entire February this year at Hilton Head Health. This is what can be accomplished in one month of working out 2-3 hours a day, eating 1200-1400 calories a day, and drinking only water.

Those are just the highlights – it was good news on all fronts.

Back in September, I weighed in at 234, as I blogged here. That was a record for me. But right after that, over the next few months, I shot up to about 256 again. 22 friggin pounds. Weight isn’t the only health measurement that matters, but sadly I was using that as an excuse. I was training the whole time. I was gaining strength, training hard, running further than I ever have. But then EATING and EATING. Eating is the hardest part, no question.

So I went back to Hilton Head Health, for the fifth time. Not a great place to be a regular, but it’s a pretty enjoyable place to be, so hey, vacation. This time I went for a whole month, which is longer than I’ve ever been before. I figured I could skip some Wisconsin winter, make some good headway, and potentially have the good habits stick a bit harder.

I could have done a bit better. A good three times I cheated. I went out and drank and ate way more than I should have. Even fat camp can’t stop all bad behavior.

So far so good after returning home. I’ve been home a week and I’m at 235 now. Of course that 1200-1400 is too aggressive to stay with at home, so I’m going to be at more like 1800-2000. With my stats, that’s still losing territory.

Still not at my personal best weight, but super close and I’ll definitely hit it, while being more fit than I was the last time I hit that weight.