March 2013



Just to remind myself in the future what a cool life I’ve had, I got to go to this: I flew down from San Francisco to LA just for this and stayed in a cute little boutique hotel right by the theater. Like a true loner introvert, I went alone and didn’t speak to a […]

The Pastry Box Project: Good Mood

Reposted: “The best tasting tea is the tea you drink when you are in a good mood.” 1 That’s how I remember the quote from Uncle Iroh from the fantastic cartoon epic Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was full of little nuggets of wisdom like this. Relevant to the moment while hinting at a larger […]

The Pastry Box Project: Andy Griffith

Reposted: The Andy Griffith Show ran from 1960-1968. Quite a bit “before my time,” but plentiful reruns allowed me to become a big fan. I don’t like the show for its humor. It has some, but it’s pretty hokey and outdated. I don’t like the show for its stories. It’s just a sitcom with contrived […]


“You still use RSS?” Yeah. All the time. I subscribe to hundreds of sites and going to each of those individually would be cumbersome. I just wouldn’t do it. But RSS allows me to keep up with them. Cool tweet belittling me for using it though. I’m sure you have some some way cooler way […]

Grab a Coffee

“We’d love to grab a coffee.” Standard operating procedure for emails from someone who wants to meet with you and see if the things you are working on are mutually beneficial in some way. Seemingly harmless, but for people who are very busy working on things all the time, it comes across as almost rude. […]

Not a Store

Instacube just announced some delays in production, and they got plenty of these kinds of comments: That’s why I think announcing this was smart, but they still have more work to do to really drive that home. Kickstarter isn’t Etsy-delayed. It’s “I’m going to help this person try to achieve their dream, and even with […]

Clawhammer Ukulele

This is my new Mya Moe Ukulele that I got from Aaron Keim’s Kickstarter. I’m playing a song I learned from Aaron’s book Clawhammer Ukulele. Wildwood Flower Angeline the Baker Cluck ol’ Hen Or you can watch Aaron, who is actually good at it, playing John Brown’s Dream

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