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Just to remind myself in the future what a cool life I’ve had, I got to go to this:


I flew down from San Francisco to LA just for this and stayed in a cute little boutique hotel right by the theater. Like a true loner introvert, I went alone and didn’t speak to a single human being the entire time. I’m basically the Bill Watterson of attending movie premieres.

The movie was great. A really heart-felt labor of love. As professional of a documentary as there ever was. The insights from other comic authors were particularly good. I particularly liked one observation that he may be the last great comics-on-paper artist. Digital is taking over. I think XKCD might have a similar legacy in digital.

My name is in the credits twice, once for each Kickstarter (supporter and associate producer). I sent in some artwork as well, which was credited in the credits, but I didn’t see in the film. I’ll have to rewatch it more carefully. It was a drawing by my step-grandfather John Beyler in which Calvin basically makes fun of me for some stuff.