The Pastry Box Project: Good Mood


“The best tasting tea is the tea you drink when you are in a good mood.” 1

That’s how I remember the quote from Uncle Iroh from the fantastic cartoon epic Avatar: The Last Airbender. He was full of little nuggets of wisdom like this. Relevant to the moment while hinting at a larger metaphor. I particularly like this one.

It’s a reminder that everything is better when you are in a good mood. Stop lights don’t seem so long. The 40%-on-Rotten-Tomatoes comedy movie you watch is hilarious. You respond with grace to a snarky email.

That’s because your mind is busy smiling. You ignore the bad parts for the good. You choose to stop the cycle of anger with a dash of cheer.

You can’t force a good mood, but if you’ve got one, use it well and hang on.

1 That’s how I remembered it, anyway. I just re-watched the entire series to find it but the closest I could find was: “The best tea tastes delicious whether it comes in a porcelain pot or a tin cup.” which is also awesome.

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  1. Biji says:

    I heard it like this: the best tasting tea is the tea you drink when you are from taking a chloroquine syrup!
    I confess I made that up…

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