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Sunday, January 29th, 2012

For maybe 6-8 months when I lived in Portland I lived on 15th and Killingsworth (literally a lyric in the song).

I’m very familiar with every location from the whole movie. I’m sure there is some gang stuff and whatever, but it’s not like a dangerous neighborhood or ghetto or whatever (and for the record, I’m about as big of a pussy white boy as they come). I think it’s a pretty sweet song actually, I’m just saying.

Vodka, Skulls, VHS Tapes, and Gears

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

I recently bought a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, purely because I used to be rather obsessed with Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World. I had 20 or so VHS tapes my Grandfather gave me as a kid (now lost). The intro of every show featured a crystal skull. They do a whole show on crystal skulls in which they claim that even with todays modern technology we can’t recreate on as nice as these old ones that we just found.

I don’t think this was mentioned in that show, but the Antikythera mechanism is friggin fascinating.

Pulling Hair Out

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

I want and iPhone 4S! [Orders on on]
Months later… Crap didn’t I order one of those? Oh dang, it got shipped to an old address.
Call Apple. Oh yeah, that’s in the process of being returned to us, when it’s here, we’ll refund you.
Sweet thanks, I’ll just go grab on at an Apple Store.
Apple Store: You don’t qualify for a subsidized phone.
Me: Yeahhhh, but I kinda do, the one I used the subsidy on is back at Apple. I never got it.
Apple Store: OK, let’s call AT&T and straighten it out.
AT&T: We can’t help you with that.
Me: OK screw you, I don’t like you anyway, I’m gonna switch to Sprint.
Sprint: Here’s your new iPhone 4S!
Me: Yay!
[Gives old phone away to friend]
Gets home… Oh wait, I don’t have signal at my house. That’s not gonna work.
Meanwhile… AT&T sends me a $300+ dollar contract breaking fee. WTF.
Me: I guess I should go back to AT&T
Go to AT&T Store: We’ll help you get your plan back
Me: So can I buy an iPhone 4S?
AT&T Store: Sure but you don’t qualify for a subsididy.
AT&T Store: You’ll have to talk to Apple about that.
Goes back to Sprint Store: I’d like to return this Sprint iPhone
Sprint Store: Sorry, nope.
Goes back to Apple Store: We can’t help you with that, you’ll have to deal with
Calls We’ll try to help, but we’re not totally sure we can. Even if we can, it might take 4 weeks.

End of this story still pending. Currently have no phone.

Cabin Porn

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Can’t stop paging through this site. I’m blogging it just so I can bring myself to close the tab.