Vodka, Skulls, VHS Tapes, and Gears

I recently bought a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, purely because I used to be rather obsessed with Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World. I had 20 or so VHS tapes my Grandfather gave me as a kid (now lost). The intro of every show featured a crystal skull. They do a whole show on crystal skulls in which they claim that even with todays modern technology we can’t recreate on as nice as these old ones that we just found.

I don’t think this was mentioned in that show, but the Antikythera mechanism is friggin fascinating.


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One response to “Vodka, Skulls, VHS Tapes, and Gears”

  1. Laidlaw says:

    Crystal Head vodka is awesome. If you haven’t cracked that beeyatch open yet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! I thought the skull was a gimmick at first (I’m sure it doesn’t hurt sales), but the bottom line is that it’s actually damn good vodka. I have like 5 skulls lining the tops of my cabinets in my kitchen. :-)

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