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How To Make an Awesome Italian Sandwich

Start with a quality loaf of fresh bread. Like REAL BREAD. Probably some kind of Italian white. I used a sourdough here, which isn’t particularly Italian but was still good.

Cut into the bread at an angle all the way around, so the bottom part creates a well.

You may want to remove a little bit of bread from the “lid” or from inner walls of the well to make room for the toppin’s. Your call.

In a ramakin, create an italian dressing from olive oil, red wine vinegar (or possibly balsamic, I like the extra bite of red wine), italian seasoning (or something less ghetto like actual basil/oregano/rosemary/thyme), salt, and pepper.

Spread the dressing on the bread. I use more on the bottom (since it’s more bread to seep into).

Thin dry salami.

Thick big pepperoni.

Smoked turkey (just to break up the all-cured-meats party).

You’re never alone with provolone. (smoked)

Little bit of crunch with baby spinach.

Garden tomatos.

Thin sliced red onion.

Pepperoncini on top so their vinegary juice can hang out with the bread.

Apply the lid.

I like to squish it together and leave it for a bit. Nothing is too delicate in there.

Slice, and enjoy!

Since probably some of you can’t eat a sandwich made from an entire loaf of bread, put in plastic bag and suck the air out. Saves for days.