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Things I Found Interesting Around May 14th

Portal for free on SteamSo I’m finding this Steam application to be kinda ugly and buggy, but still, free Portal is awesome. I LOVED this game on Orange Box on the PS3 WordPress › Include Custom FilesPluginized version of some code I posted the other day. PHP5 only. and arguably more robust version of […]

Things I Found Interesting Around May 11th

48 Hour Magazine…a raucous experiment in using new tools to erase media’s old limits Moo4qMooTools Object Oriented Programming for jQuery TypeFacesAll kinds of designer clique controversy over this. Reasoned arguments on both sides. Human Photos Double your Conversion Rate

Things I Found Interesting Around May 10th

How to Minimize Wi-Fi Problems With the iPadBasically, turn on WPA2 Gin N’ Juice Spoken Veerle’s blog 3.0 DribbbbbbbbleWhat would you do for a Dribbble account? 10 Days In a Carry-OnRoll stuff

Things I Found Interesting Around May 9th

WordPress Beta PluginMake it easy to be a WordPress tester… plugin that makes the auto-updater install betas Chrome = Faster than potato gun CSS for some nice buttons A Brief Overview of Twitter’s New @Anywhere API iPad Case Finder jQuery Plugins Toolbox A Book Apart To Write Love on Her Arms

Things I Found Interesting Around May 8th

Multicultural CrayonsMy old college roommate used to have the marker version of these. RIT Innovation Hall of FameJohn Resig was inducted into the RIT hall of fame. This is a link to the JavaScript file they are using. Episode 2: Muggefied :: PodcastI have a short bit in this podcast, where they ask me about […]

Enjoying Craftsmanship

I’m not a woodworker but I like watching Norm Abram. I’m not that into security but I like listening to Steve Gibson. I’m not much of a chef but I watch Alton Brown. It’s just entertaining to watch people super good at what they do practice their trade, whatever the subject.

Things I Found Interesting Around May 3rd

Adobe Photoshop CS5 * What’s new?I bought it, I might as well learn about it 8 jQuery Micro Optimization TipsGood stuff in here Stages of a photographerI’m a little past the “first tripod” moment and about to sink down the HDR hole Quick Gmail Tip: Compose in a New Window not my type – […]

Things I Found Interesting Around May 2nd button Chicago Rockford Airport – Direct FlightsChicago/Rockford to Tampa for $79 with free parking? Wow. Help you help yourselfNice email template from Ben Alman regarding not being able to help every individual person Just Made My Day


Can you remember a single advertisement for Combos? You know, those pretzel/cracker roll-shaped stuffed-with-cheese-like-substance things? They occupy significant shelving space in every single gas station in America, yet I can’t recall a single billboard or television ad for them. To be fair, I looked around a bit and they have done some campaigns in the […]

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