Things I Found Interesting Around May 25th

  • video-js
    HTML5 video player that’s actually out and we can work with now
  • Billy Reid
    I like the word “Trousse” – which this company uses for a travel bathroom bag kinda thing that I want.
  • Stop-Over Stealth
    This is what recommended for me for a new carry-on bag:

    The Stop-Over Stealth 22” is built on the same sturdy metal frame as the Stealth NG. The Stop-Over Stealth is constructed with a more versatile and user friendly front flap and a stabilizer strap for the J-hook. (Same front flap found on the plastic frame bags.) The flatter front flap and stablilizer strap help to keep a flight kit or tote bag from swaying side to side. The front flap also has a side entry pouch large enough for a laptop computer.

    Apparently it’s “what the pilots use”…

  • ConvergeSE 2010
    Looks like a sweet conference, I’m gonna see if I can make it.


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