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Best Email Ever

I’m republishing it in full, because I keep reading it over and over and LOLing.

Dear Webmaster,
My name is Aaron and I have a website I recently came across your website and I really like your website. I have a website on a related subject and I think it might be of interest to your website visitors. It’s Submit a Douche at Our page provides Douchbags, douchebag photos, douchebag videos and lots more. If you like our site, we would be willing to provide a link to your web site on our page if you would be willing to do the same. Or, if you would rather, we could provide favorable blog posts or reviews regarding your site in exchange for a link. If you would be interested in linking to us or have any questions regarding our site please contact me. Thanks for your time.

Aaron Evans

I’m thinking of taking a screenshot of the email and submitting it to the website.