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Things I Found Interesting Around October 29th

Canabalt escapes on October 2nd!Weird iPhone game I wanna try. Manning: jQuery for DesignersRemy Sharp’s new book. Must purchase. Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists Checkout OptimizationWhole website focused on resources for checkout design Sequel ProCompetitor to Navicat, and it’s free I think.

Things I Found Interesting Around October 27th

JS-Kit ECHOThis service really grew up since last time I looked at it. TimerEnter time, screen counts down What Startups Are Really Like Is Lost a Repeat?Gotta watch this one, pretty soon it’s gonna say NO.

10 Years of Simutronics

It’s 19951, and my friend Jeff was showing me a cool game he found while logged in (via our telephone modems) to AOL. It was called Gemstone III, a text-based adventure/roleplaying game by a company called Simutronics. It was what came to be called today as a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game).

Things I Found Interesting Around October 26th

WordPress Theme Framework (WTF)I’ve found the theme frameworks I’ve tried so far to actually make things MORE difficult for me as a coder to customize. This looks a bit different, and just provides quite a lot of bonus functionality without the weird abstractions. Del McCoury BandOne of the shit-kickingist classic bluegrass bands around. They have […]

Grooveshark on the iPhone

I met some of the guys from Grooveshark earlier this year (whatup Vishal and John!) when I was down in Florida for the Front End Design Conference. We had a good time. We hung out and talked shop at the conference, ate alligator tacos, and saw Black Moth Super Rainbow. Never heard of Grooveshark? Well […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 24th

World War Z Latest News and UpdatesApparently there is a movie in production of World War Z. It was a pretty sweet book. Love me some post-apocalyptic zombie action. Raphaël · AnimationThis JavaScript library can pull off some pretty rad animations. Battlestar Galactica: The PlanNew DVD, from the cylon perspective? Cool.

List of Post Apocalyptic Movies

I’ve always been into post apocalyptic stuff. I said in my recent review of The Road that I think it’s because it’s such an interesting thing to fantasize about. Kind of like how you can daydream forever about what you would do if you won the lottery. I thought it would be fun to put […]

The Road (Book Review)

I just finished the book The Road, a fantastic post-apocalyptic novel by Cormac McCarthy. This is my review.

Things I Found Interesting Around October 23rd

Handmade Blue Beanies on EtsyMonday, November 30, 2009 is Blue Beanie Day, where you wear a blue beanie to support web standards. These are some crafted ones. Pillows of Mac AppsMostly Adobe Stuff: Ps, Ai, Fw, but also Tweetie FullCalendarjQuery calendar plugin. I’m often looking for calendar solutions so I may check this out next […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 22nd

New to YorkAwesome footer text (small portion): Hi, if you are coming to this site via Internet Explorer 6, you might not be getting the best experience possible. Honestly, I can't even begin to think about what your entire experience on the internet must be like? (…probably like riding a bike on the highway while […]

Cullman Liquidation

No way this is “real” but it is hilarious. My favorite part is when he randomly starts chainsawing some shit. I think it’s probably some ad agency trying to prove they can do a “viral” video. Well, good job folks. Look, even the still frame is perfectly awesome.


It’s time it’s time, to redesign. I’ve gone back and forth with this site quite a few times. From trying to go minimalistic and send people to my projects elsewhere, to being blog/writing focused. This time I’m trying to do both, but have a home capable to housing and publishing content very well. My goals:

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