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4 responses to “Things I Found Interesting Around October 29th”

  1. Logan Leger says:

    I love Sequel Pro. It’s a great application and makes developing all that much easier. Much better than Navicat, imho. And yeah, it is free.

  2. Gavin Steele says:

    I was wondering if someone wouldn’t mind outlining the benefits of using something like Sequel Pro.

    I have a number of WP sites and I use phpmyadmin to manage most of the database stuff.

    How and why are you using these tools?


  3. Chris Coyier says:

    If you need a dedicated database application, you’ll know it. WordPress uses a database, but you rarely ever need to touch it save for backing it up.

    I need it for Are My Sites Up. Thousands upon thousands of users, thousands upon thousands of sites. I need to jump around and look at users settings, what’s going on with particular sites, etc. We don’t have GUI interfaces for all that, we just see what’s going on in something like Navicat.

  4. Gavin Steele says:

    Ah I see, thanks for that. i have played around with my own applications and wondered what people used to monitor it all. I assumed there was a nice little GUI that people used but i didnt know about. Like you said, when I need it I will know, and now I have two to compare. Thanks again.

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