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Things I Found Interesting Around October 20th

UX QuotesUseful quotes on User Experience On creating likeable software: If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful. NookBarnes & Noble’s answer to the Kindle, and it looks much nicer. Apple is still poised to swoop into this market and take over though. […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 19th

Realizations of Rounded RectanglesQuick story about the history of Apple and Rounded Corners Secondary HTML ContentWordPress plugin that doubles the content area so you could have an optional secondary content area, for example, to show related content in the sidebar on single views. The Brown Sack | Soup, Sandwich, and Shake ShackNew sandwich joint by […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 18th

LIVE…LOVE…ROCK…A Benefit for Patrick J. Peterson – old friend of mine who did loads of benefit concerts for other people now has a brain tumor and needs a benefit of his own. AEA Chicago 2009My crappy sketchnotes from the conference. Everything looks cool when you photograph it though. Remove the OutlineThe outline on links is […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 15th

Mick Jagger to Andy WarholBest Client -> Designer instructions ever. How to make a child theme for WordPress For Better or For WorseFor the person with 368,000 Twitter friends I ask, how lonely do you truly feel? XHTMLed | Miscellaneous | Bookmarklets

“Right?” – The New Semi-Colon

I do screencasts over on CSS-Tricks. About 40-60 minutes a pop of just me talking into a microphone. So if I have any annoying speech habits, I tend to hear about it. I’ve been ragged on a few times for saying “Right.” Not “Right” as in “I made a right turn.”, but just tossed in […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 9th

DribbbleApparently Dan Cederhom has something to do with this. Hadn’t heard of it until someone mentioned it to me at the Media Temple party last night. Things – Part 2 | Productivity Downloads | Komodo MediaMore social media icons David DeSandro: jQuery MasonryPlugin I wanna play with

Things I Found Interesting Around October 7th

Screenjelly – What’s on your screen?Look like a competitor to Screenr. Haven’t tried it yet, since Screenr works so well. Widon’t 2.1The perfect WordPress plugin to handle widows in post titles. I did a version of this with jQuery on CSS-Tricks but clearly doing it server side is perferable. But Grandma! What do you mean […]

Things I Found Interesting Around October 5th

Contribute | WaSP InterAct CurriculumReminding myself to help out with this when I get a chance. The PrintliminatorI did this! Helps make webpages print better. Aardvark Firefox ExtensionSimilar to The Printliminator. More features, slightly harder to use. Social Media Network Icons | Komodo MediaLovely social media icons

Things I Found Interesting Around October 4th

David Crosswrites and open letter to Larry the Cable Guy Dell 24" Widescreen Flat Panel MonitorThis is the monitor to get when I eventually can afford a new Mac Pro CoTweetI was looking for this the other day. This is one of the reasons you see those carrat symbols in Tweets of businesses. GOOD

Things I Found Interesting Around October 2nd

Leo Laporte Makes $1.5 Million Per Year from PodcastingMore power to him. I love Leo. Gregory Alan IsakovGreat musician Why The Saturn Brand Was Destined To FailBoooo. I love my Saturn. I’d potentially buy another one if not for the fact that I CAN’T ANYMORE. CanvasPopBasically a large format printer, but it looks inexpensive and […]

Things I Found Interesting Around September 30th

The Secret Behind the Loch Ness Monster Three FramesAnimated GIFs using only three frames from a movie Free Icon Set – GraphicRiver Hardly Strictly BluegrassThis festival looks amazing

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