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Things I Found Interesting Around September 28th

E-book security via PDF stamping (a DRM alternative)This looks like it might be a good option for the upcoming book. Vigo & Alessi Online StoreThis rice friggin rules. Most wanted ever | PleaseFixTheiPhone

Things I Found Interesting Around September 25th

YouTube – Dawes – When My Time Comes (with Deer Tick)This band absolutely rocks and is destined for popularity. Edwardd Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosThis band also. xCSS – OO CSS FrameworkI need to try using one of these CSS processing languages one of these days. FontEditor BitfontMaker

Things I Found Interesting Around September 24th

He-Man Characters as Hipsters.Wow Shinebox Print – Ready BookletsHand out your own parking tickets jQuery Visual Cheat SheetVery nice and up-to-date jQuery cheat sheets. I wish I had a space that was practical to print these and hang them up. GigPress: tour management for WordPressI run a couple of band sites, and while the Band […]

Things I Found Interesting Around September 21st

Glyphish – Great icons for great iPhone applications SushimonsterPhoto just struck a beautiful chord with me Note & PointInspriation for slideshow presentations. [ INCREDIBOX ] presents [ THE INCREDIBLE POLO ]One of those awesome sound things where you turn on and off different parts to build your own version of the beat

Things I Found Interesting Around September 20th

Redesign Google PHP for Absolute Beginners: Jason Lengstorf Personas | Metropath(ologies) | An installation by Aaron Zinman YouTube – thehalfsisters’s Channel Daily Exhaust: Hand & Arrow Icons HTML5 test resultsPeople don’t intuitively understand the new tags entirely Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles jQuery Enlightenment | by Cody Lindley | 1st Edition | based on […]

Things I Found Interesting Around September 19th

Letterhead FontsCrazy nice typography example, with fonts for sale Top WordPress Functions for your functions.php FileNice article, and nicely designed blog by a guy I hadn’t heard of until now New Labs Feature: Auto Publish Server Side IncludesOn my list of things to do: Play with PageLime again Font SquirrelThey are really on to something […]

On Asking for Help

John Scalzi with a hilariously direct article on why he can’t accommodate all favors. I think it applies to anyone. I’m in this position every day and I try to help where I can but usually higher priorities prevent it. Here is the list of the people and things to which I am obliged, in […]

Delivery Restaurants in Logan Square

There are a zillion restaurants in my new Chicago neighborhood that deliver, which is nice, but they are all like this: The sell pizza AND fried chicken AND pasta AND Italian beefs AND Mexican food AND salads AND hot dogs. Guaranteed, it all sucks, or is at BEST medicore. You just cant do everything and […]

Things I Found Interesting Around September 17th

William Elliott WhitmoreComing to Milwaukee and Chicago in November. I gotta make at least one of them. Finer Things in Mac Designing ObamaA book. EverybodyLovesSketchThree-dimensional sketching Chicago Bluegrass and Blues CHSSThe 1994 predecessor to CSS iPhone 3G / 3GS recession caseIt’s cardboard. eCommerce sites: you have 2 seconds to load

Things I Found Interesting Around September 16th

Extremely Important Tax Rules for Freelance DesignersIn short, your PayPal account isn’t a tax shelter IS HEROIC CRYAnagram of my name Free People Clothing BoutiquePretty sweet an non-conventional eCommerce design Tame Ecuador Airlines Campaign The big bang contained in a tweet Scanwiches

Things I Found Interesting Around September 15th

Modern Pixel Art: YouTube FaviconVery cool — yellow and purple pixels basically making a clearer version of white text in the tiny favicon The Footnotes of Mad Men. High-quality Icons for Web and SoftwareI like the idea of PAID icons. Getting a huge set of high quality, consistent icons. New Font Has Its Own Movie […]

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