December 2008


Wah Wah Wah, Poor Me

Digg is like this holy grail for bloggers. It’s a big deal when something you create hits the front page of Digg. Fame. Fortune. Super traffic. It feels good and it can be a nice jumpstart for a fledgling website. Obviously my blood sweat and tears all go into creating stuff for CSS-Tricks. No article […]

Amazon Video On Demand Blows

I recently updated the software on my TiVo HD so I could test out the Netflix integration. Which, is friggin awesome. I don’t actually have a Netflix account though, we used my roommates. So I figured I’d test out Amazon movie rentals too. Go through process of connecting Tivo Box to Amazon. Not too awful, […]

Should College Football Have Playoffs?

The Onion: “Oh, I am so sure that this new solution will solve everyone’s problem with the system and no one will complain about anything ever again.” “Sounds great as long as we can figure out a playoff system where each round has a corporate sponsor and a system of unreliable computers helps decide an […]

Oh, Comcast, You So Silly

Comcast just sent me this letter saying they have some new HD packages that I need to pick from. There is just a slew of them and they all sound totally generic. HD Basic HD Plus HD Preferred HD Preferred Plus HD Premium My god. Reminds me of the Microsoft Vista options. Do you need […]

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I’m gonna just go ahead and post the 1,967,979th blog post on favorite iPhone apps. I don’t why this kind of post is so compelling to write, but I guess that’s the power of Apple. Byline Word on the street is that Google has secret API’s behind a number of their services that they only […]

How To Convert Video to iPod/iPhone Format

I’ve found all kinds of complicated in-depth methods for this out there. Stop pulling your hair out, you can do it quickly, for free, and with great quality using iTunes itself. This is, of course, assuming you are working from an already-existing higher-quality version.

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