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Wah Wah Wah, Poor Me

Digg is like this holy grail for bloggers. It’s a big deal when something you create hits the front page of Digg. Fame. Fortune. Super traffic. It feels good and it can be a nice jumpstart for a fledgling website.

Obviously my blood sweat and tears all go into creating stuff for CSS-Tricks. No article I’ve ever written for CSS-Tricks has ever made the homepage at Digg. Do I care? No, not really. I have been very fortunate with the amount of traffic and commuity the site has already. And it’s even more than some sites that get dugg all the time. So obviously in the design blog niche, it isn’t a huge deal.

What is a little annoying, is that content I have created HAS made the homepage. Three times, in fact.

  1. 4255 Diggs – What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like
    This one was the worst, as it was hugely popular but the link was to an image I created for a blog post that was stolen and reposted elsewhere.
  2. 2323 Diggs – Fun CSS Trick – Secret Message
    This one was actually on CSS-Tricks, but it was a simple example page I mocked up for a post. I could have jazzed the page up when it was getting Dugg to make more use of that traffic, but I thought that would have been a little slimy.
  3. 2104 Diggs – 12 Principles For Keeping Your Code Clean
    This one feels good, as it was a direct link to an article I wrote, but it was for Smashing Magazine, not my own blog. I of course love SM and they nice folks over there. It was their idea to title it as a “list” post which I’m sure helped. I refuse to go the “list” route on my own blog for some reason. I feel like it’s a cheap ploy for attention.

I’d like to actually get a CSS-Tricks article on there one day!