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My Favorite TV Shows of All Time

Kottke recently posted a poll on the Best show on TV ever, which got me all nostalgic for TV. And after all, this is why I love having a personal blog I can post whatever the heck I want on. So here are my favorite TV shows ever! There was everything to love about this […]

Small Scale Microformats

Does anyone know of any compelling arguments / articles on using microformats (like a simple hCard) on a small scale? I mean just on a personal blog like this. It’s easy enough to create one, and it’s just a bunch of class names so there is of course no harm in it. But is there […]

Badgers Bar in Portland, OR

This post is just for the search engines of the world. When I moved to Portland, this was important to me and I didn’t find much. If you are a Wisconsin Badgers fan, and you are looking for a sports bar in Portland, OR to watch Badger games, the best bar I have found is […]

My Jeans Are So Tight Blood Doesn’t Even Flow To My Legs

This shirt on Threadless kills me, so funny. Dude, like, you’ve probably never even heard of my favorite Dave Matthews Band song. Dave Matthews doesn’t even remember it. He only thought of it once while he was taking a shit and hummed it. That’s how rare it is.

Weird Red Lines in Google Reader?

Here is the brand new thing that is bugging me about Google Reader. It probably has nothing to do with Google Reader itself, but who knows. Each of the posts has this weird red line by it. I thought at first it might be some hold-on from the Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug, but I […]

Firefox, Google Gears Problem Solved

After months of being annoyed, Jeremy Synder left a comment on my original cry for help post that fixed the problem for me. I think maybe at some point in the past, I visited the Google Gears page and “disallowed” or “blocked” the installation somehow. Then anytime I went back to, I wasn’t being […]

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