July 2008


Jeff & Molly’s Wedding

My longtime friends and current roomates just got married this past weekend. Lots of friends in town. Heavy drinking. Good times. That many days in a row away from the keyboard was nice for the carpal tunnel, but hard on the emails! I was busy most of the time doing Best Man jobs, but I […]

Auto-Twittering is Ridiculous

There are all these plugins and services and whatnot for “Automatically tweeting posts you publish to your blog!“. Ridiculous. Nobody wants to follow people who use Twitter exclusively for this kind of self promotion. Am I against using Twitter for self promotion? Absolutely not, only when it’s lifelessly “automated.” Random thoughts: Twitter is pretty big, […]

How I Built This Custom WordPress Theme

The site you are looking at now (unless this is like 2010 or later), is a custom built theme for WordPress. I had a rather mundane personal site for a long time I thought it was time for an upgrade. I love working with WordPress, so I thought while I was doing this I would […]

Coming Soon.

My personal site is coming back home to WordPress. I am using the experience to shoot a series of screencasts on designing for WordPress. This theme is a bit unusual in that I am stripping out a lot of the provided WordPress functionality, but that’s life I suppose. Things will up and fully functional soon!

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