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Auto-Twittering is Ridiculous

There are all these plugins and services and whatnot for “Automatically tweeting posts you publish to your blog!“. Ridiculous. Nobody wants to follow people who use Twitter exclusively for this kind of self promotion. Am I against using Twitter for self promotion? Absolutely not, only when it’s lifelessly “automated.”

Random thoughts:

  • Twitter is pretty big, but it’s still pretty much hip tech folks. Chances are if someone is following you on Twitter, they are aware if you have a blog as well and if they want instant updates of your new content, they will subscribe via RSS.
  • If you want to promote a particular post, how hard is it to tweet a quick personal message along with the link? If you actually a part of the Twitter community and are tweeting all the time, why do you need an automated system?
  • Before I came to this realization, I tried a few of these systems only to find them unreliable and in some cases overzealous (would post same post more than once). Your followers will drop like flies if they see some crazy automated blunder where you post a self-promotional link 10 times in a row. Why risk it?