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Chris Brandrick asked me, for Frontend Focus, “to share a few of his favorite tools and services” which of course I’m happy to. Here are my (somewhat random) picks:

  1. CleanShot X
    Really great macOS-specific screenshot & screencast recording tool. This is a somewhat crowded market, but the feature set and polish of CleanShot X makes it a clear standout to me. I use it a dozen times a day I bet. I like that it comes in Setapp, because it helps make that subscription a no-brainer to me. Setapp has other indispensable tools for me, like TablePlus, Paste, BusyCal, and Sip.
  2. Feedbin
    The finest RSS reader app out there. One feature shoutout: giving an email address to send email newsletters to, so those can be read where they belong, with other written publications.
  3. CSS Pro
    Nice little browser extension that gives you a bunch of designer-y tools on any website for screwing around with the site immediately. It’s great for playing around and prototyping. But my favorite is that, in one click, you can send a selected element and all its styles over to CodePen and play in code there.
    A nicely done CSS gradient construction tool, that includes all the types of gradients that are possible unlike so many older ones. There are nice examples, nice interactive controls, and as an important bonus: a high dynamic range color picker, so you can pick colors in OKLCH and OKLAB which are fantastic for gradients and making colors pop.
  5. Elk
    I’m grateful that such a nice web client for Mastodon exists.

I’ve seen a couple of these lists recently, like Michelle Barker’s Cool Tools, Christian Heilmann’s The 10 tools I install on every new Mac I get, and…. arghgh dammit I swear I saw another one in the last few days but can’t find it now.



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