Who’s qualified to do what?

I’m always filled with temporary dread when I see a huge semi truck pull up to a busy intersection to turn. How are they going to orchestrate everything to make this turn happen? They must be way to the left in the turning lane, cutting off lanes to their right. They have to swoop into the oncoming traffic lane to finish the turn. Freaks me out. Not to mention when you see them trying to back up and navigate into some grocery store port or small neighborhood street with a furniture delivery.

Who’s driving? Are they qualified to be doing that?

When they hop out and you see some 19-year old kid it’s like 😬. Not trying to be agist; it’s just like… how much practice do you actually have here? At some point, you’re limited by literal time. [exhale] You gotta learn somehow, I guess.

On the flip side, I have this extreme trust of doctors. A doctor says I got Lumbar Osteoarthritis, I got Lumbar Osteoarthritis. That’s that. Second opinion? Why? A doctor said what is going on already? They are obviously super qualified after going to school for 50 years?

I know this dude (hi Jeff!) who puts together proposals for this big company to put in infrastructure for these huge buildings with like 9-figure 10-figure price tags. Excuse me? How did you get qualified to craft budgets higher than some country’s GDP? He just is, because he’s been doing it a while and, hey, somebody has gotta do it. But it’s a little surprising, to say the least.

Then there are cops. I’m forever skeptical. I always feel like they are going to bust me for loitering or something. But they have these incredibly important jobs. There has been some murders around here lately that obviously require intense investigation. They aren’t all solved yet, which inevitably makes me feel like are y’all qualified for this?

I have no strong points here. I just think the opposites in my brain are weird, and that I usually have the wrong instinct.

They’ll let anybody make a website these days, that’s for sure.



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