Link Categorization

When I talked about saving links, what was helpful for me is to think about my behavior in terms of when I’m going to need that link, so I broadly bucketed like:

  • Short Term
  • Medium Term
  • Long Term

I like how Juha-Matti Santala didn’t just think in terms of those categories for themselves but re-bucketed like:

  • Links I visit regularly
  • Links that are “read later”
  • Links that are “I might need it one day”
  • Links I want to share with others
  • Sites I want to follow regularly
Where do my links live?

If I were to use those buckets, from top to bottom, it would be like:

  1. Those are my pinned tabs in Arc
  2. That’s what my “Medium Term” links are for the most part
  3. That’s what my “Long Term” links are for the most part
  4. Back to “Medium Term”. I need to store them a bit before sharing. Gotta let ’em marinate.
  5. RSS!



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