Open Certain URLs in Certain “Browsers”

There are some URLs that make a ton of sense to force-open in specific browsers:

  • A Zoom URL should just open in Zoom, not open a browser, then open Zoom.
  • If you prefer the Notion desktop app, a URL to a Notion page should open in the app.
  • If you prefer the Figma desktop app, a URL to Figma should open in the app.
  • If you prefer the Slack desktop app, a URL to Slack should open in the app.

You probably have your own examples, but I can’t imagine the above logic is controversial. Personally, I care more about sending links to specific apps than I do opening certain links in, say, Firefox vs. Chrome.

The trouble is, there is no nuance on macOS as to what app links open in. You set a default browser, and that’s that. There are options (on macOS), though!

  • Choosy: $10, normal app, has a UI to configure and an interstitial UI (optional).
  • Velja: free, similar to Choosy but fancier in some ways.
  • Browserosaurus: open source, install from brew, pretty light on configurability, forces an interstitial UI.
  • Finicky: open source, install from brew, highly configurable through JavaScript, no UI.

That’s a nice selection. Spans the nerdiness spectrum perfectly.


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2 responses to “Open Certain URLs in Certain “Browsers””

  1. Mike says:

    Have you tried Velja? It’s become my go to app to do this:

    Free and no interstitial UI.

  2. Don’t forget Sindre Sorhus’s Velja, which does all of the above & is open source to boot!

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