Icon Set Nostolgia

I think Daniel Bruce’s Entypo was the first icon set designed for the web that I fawned over.

Screenshot of Entypo+ homepage which is mostly just big grid of small white vector icons on dark gray.

Maybe it was how it had a cool name, almost like it was a startup product. And the website design around it was awesome. The 2012 design was pretty fresh, especially for that time:

Screenshot of 2012 Entypo.com homepage. Large dark banner showcasing the shopping bag, trash, search (flashlight), and archive (file drawer) icons. The Entypo logo is slightly 3D looking casting a shadow over the header.

Then a 2014 update:

The 2014 Entypo.com website this time with a large green header and showcasing a similar set of large icons. Two large blue buttons for Download Package and Character map. The rest of the page is small black icons on a white background.

Alas, they are no more. The link to download them leads to a broken Dropbox link.

Screenshot of an Error (403) page on Dropbox.com, signaling the file doesn't exist.

Maybe even a smidge earlier than Entypo, Drew Wilson’s Pictos was also massively cool. This was circa 2012:

Screenshot of homepage for Pictos.css. Mostly a large grid of black icons on a grungy white background. Each row of icons has grungy dashed lines through it showing off how aligned the icon features are.

Pictos modernized into a fancy set that included line, solid, and color, which to this day is pretty cool and unique for an icon set to offer:

Screenshot of revamped Pictos website howing off the line, shape, and color variations of 8 of the icons from the set.

But alas:

Default Chrome "This site can't be reached" page.

You cannot get it as Plasso, the payments startup that was also done by Drew, is no more.

Bit rot, kids. Happens to the best of them.



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2 responses to “Icon Set Nostolgia”

  1. Entypo regular still exists here, Chris:
    Entypo Regular | 128 Glyphs / Daniel Bruce


    Entypo plus, 397 carefully crafted premium pictograms by Daniel Bruce are here:


  2. Blake Watson says:

    I checked a dark corner of my filesystem and I still have Entypo and Pictos! Might have to bust these out again for old times’ sake.

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