Nicky Case made a thing called Nutshell:

Nutshell is a tool to make “expandable, embeddable explanations” … This lets your readers learn what they need, just-in-time, always-in-context.

I really like the look and feel of it, especially the little animated colons.

I do feel like it needs an accessibility kick though. It doesn’t work without JavaScript at all, even though the things you click to get more information are anchor links with hashes. It’s just the hashes don’t actually point to anything with a matching ID. And the other interactive elements, like the close buttons, are <div>s with nothing to help them be focusable and interactive.

I did a PR to help a tiny bit and to kinda test the appetite for fixing it up. Nicky kinda indicated they might not be into PRs in general unless it’s a translation or bug fix, so remains to be seen if an accessibility issue would be considered a bug or not.

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