AirTag Wallets

To me, a wallet is a great place for an AirTag (or similar help me find this thing device). Once a week, I can’t find it. Is it in the car? My saddle bags? Dresser upstairs? On my desk? In the depths of the couches? Phone! Show me!

But the options for an AirTag-compatible wallet are pretty slim. And, uh, none of them are literally slim. (Credit card width AirTag, please!)

The first one I tried was from Geometric Goods. Within a few days, one of the grommets that hold it together broke off. I emailed them and they said well you should probably go buy a new grommet and screw it back in there. I was highly annoyed by this but I did so because I wanted the wallet to work. This week the other one fell out.

I tossed that in the junk.

Now I’m trying the RUNBOX wallet where the AirTag is on the outside. Less subtle, but whatever.

It’s a $20 wallet so I don’t have super high hopes, but so far so good. No grommets to fall out. Worst case the credit card slots get too loose or the stitching starts to unravel.

There are surprisingly few options, especially if want a billfold style as I prefer.

Lemme know if you have one you really like!


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  1. Christoph says:

    This one works perfect for me:

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