A couple of weeks back, we sold our Chevy Tahoe. We purchased it just days after Ruby was born. I remember driving home from the hospital in a two-wheel-rear-wheel drive Toyota Tacoma and it was slippery with snow. We needed a way safer vehicle stat, and we popped over to the Chevrolet dealership and bought the Tahoe.

Fast forward nearly 5 years later, we decided to sell it. It was $70k new and we sold it for $40k right to the dealer we bought it from, so I’m gonna call that not too shabby. Thanks, market conditions.

We’ve been down to just one vehicle for the last few weeks, which is totally fine, especially in the summer. But we took it as an opportunity to get Miranda an electric bike. I’ve had one for years and love it.

She doesn’t like riding my Specialized Vado. So now. just in case I need the truck, she’s got a way to scoot around town. She went with a Tern. Ruby named it Dragonfruit. I mostly like it. I like how the kickstand keeps it straight up and down and very sturdy. I like the “cafe lock”, a way of locking it up without needing to fiddle with a cable. I like how it can collapse down to, theoretically, fit into a trunk. I really like the “clubhouse” thing on the back that Ruby can climb up into. It’s a lot lower to the ground (safer) and more spacious than the Yupp seat on my bike. I’d put a Clubhouse on the back of my bike in a heartbeat if it would fit.

It’s not my bike, so it doesn’t matter, but there are a few things I don’t like. The small tires don’t feel as stable to me. It’s got two batteries, which feels kinda unnecessary since it doesn’t help with power, only distance, and we really don’t need distance help. You also have to charge them entirely separately. My least favorite thing is that I feel like it could use 40% more power. Coming up our hill is a real chore even on the very highest power setting.

Overall, pretty cool. I like that we both have electric bikes so we can kick down into the city together and do certain things (like events in the park) without worrying about parking. We were just visiting Miranda’s family and coincidentally he had also picked Tern for his electric bike. Like father like daughter.

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  1. Ian says:

    Super sick! So stoked to see ppl riding bikes.

    There is a cool cargo bike maker down in Eugene – I’m so into the front platforms and tiny front wheels!


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