CascadiaJS 2022

CascadiaJS (August 30th – September 2nd, Sunriver, Oregon) is open to everyone from anywhere, and I’ll be speaking at it this year. Come one come all. I figured I’d blog it (in addition to it being on my speaking page) in particular because I’d hate it if any of my fellow Bendites or anybody generally local didn’t know about it. I’ve never spoke at it before, but I hear good things, and it’s a good opportunity as the organizers are going on a bit of a hiatus after this one. I’d be there no matter what as I couldn’t never pass up this spot-on of an industry event coming to a town just down the road from me, here in the not-exactly-ultra-populus high desert of the Pacific Northwest.

All the good speakers.

My plan is to revamp my “Websites are good now.” talk with the latest and greatest info. It is where I attempt to make the case that the web is as good as it’s ever been. There are all sorts of things that, either used to be complicated, or are still complicated, but the tooling and tech have gotten so good that it’s nearly a solved problem. Almost like, gulp, the industry is maturing.

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