Yoga has entered my life in several small ways this year.

My wife has enjoyed it and has done it for as long as I’ve known her, via practicing alone, online, or in in-person classes. Now that we have Peleton thingies, we have the Peloton app on our devices, and there are Yoga classes on there, she’ll do classes anywhere, including the various AppleTVs around the house.

We have a couple-friendship with some people who own a half-kids-ninja-gym half-yoga studio thing called Free Spirit. We were at Rachel’s birthday this year and I asked her what her sage life advice was in the four decades when was celebrating. Just one sentence:

Do yoga.

She had no reason to be on-brand to me, she was just serious. She believes it’s important for a good life.

We’re also couple-friends with a couple who literally ran YogaWorks for a while. Becky is still very actively practicing and teaching. Becky and family were one of the families with us on the whacky Cabo trip. While we were there, I got to play amateur photographer for Becky to take some yoga-focused shots. Here are a few of those.

What has me thinking about yoga now is that I’ve had a little bout of bad lower back pain a few months ago. I tried to get on it right away, seeing a physical therapist, getting muscle relaxers from a doctor, and resting. The pain gave way in a few weeks thankfully but was replaced by gnarly stiffness.

My wife suggested some yoga flows and took me through them. I’m 41 and am essentially having my first yoga experiences. It has felt incredible how even a 20 minute session can loosen up my back (and all over really) in a way that feels a lot healthier and sustainable than a little pill or even laying on a table getting scraped. I’m hoping to stick with it.

2 responses to “Yoga”

  1. Geoff Graham says:

    Yoga is definitely one piece of the overall puzzle that got me through a collapsed L5 S1 disc. I probably would’ve needed surgery a lot earlier than I had, and it continues to keep my hip flexors loose, which is key for my continued healing.

    So, when are you going to see a CC yoga screencast?!

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Yoga and meditation have caught my attention in different ways during my life. I have started meditating during the pandemic and have been practicing it uninterruptedly for almost a year. I’ve never done Yoga yet, interested in hearing how your practice progresses and how it helps balance life as a developer.

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