Full Site Takeovers

Remember when IMDb would do stuff like this?

The entire edges of a desktop website taken over by a advertisement for Spiderman 2.

Part of me thinks that was pretty cool, actually. It’s a movie website and the ad was for a new movie. It was just an image, not 2 MB of JavaScript trying to learn every fact about you it can. It didn’t get in the way of the normal website, it just used every other inch of space. At the time I think it felt like whoa too much!! But now I’m kinda into it. My background as we speak is my throwback to that era, with, ya know, maybe slightly less intensity.



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4 responses to “Full Site Takeovers”

  1. Mojtaba says:

    “Less intensity” for sure. I noticed it only when I read the last line :)

  2. Anything other than I movie [I’d want to see] would feel “too much”, but I do give MAJOR props for them using unused space. My biggest problem with modern ads is when the UI actually changes/moves when the ads are loaded. Grrrrrrr

  3. When I read one of your articles a few days ago and when I saw your background image for a first time, I was like “Oooo, this is like my website 12 years ago when I started, I like it!”. You just published a hole article about it man. Love it. I love reading your quick write-ups ever since you passed CSS Tricks to DO dudes.

    Ps. Chris, any chance you could make font-size on this comment form slightly bigger please?

  4. Not sure why, but love the simple design. As Pawl says, feels like an old design but good at the same time. We need to bring back this simplicity.

    Well done, Chris

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