The first nice mandolin I bought was a Weber. I lived in Wisconsin at the time and bought it from Spruce Tree literally on layaway. If you kids don’t know what that is, it’s where you bring in a company some money toward the purchase of a thing whenever you want to, they take it, and mark the ledger. When you’ve given them what the thing costs, they give you the thing. It’s a little weird. It’s like you don’t trust yourself with the money so you make them hold it. But it’s partly because you don’t want them to sell it to someone else so there is that. These days you kids would be like but I get 20% APR on my ethernuggets so why would I let a company hold cash for me? We’ll never understand each other, Atticus.

Anyway now I live in Bend, Oregon, and I had no idea until the other day that Weber Mandolins is literally here in Bend. I just happened upon their website and saw that. I also saw that their SSL certificate had failed on their website, so I sent them an email to see if I could help and also see if they’d take a look at my now almost 20-year-old Weber. I see they fixed the SSL cert but never wrote back. :squint:

Anyway here’s my playing it back in maybe… 2004?

Little beat up but still hangin’ on my wall:

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