That’s a lot of jobs

Daniel Howell is (was?) a Youtuber who peaced out of YouTube a couple of years ago with a brief return coming out video only to peace out again. Now has posted an explanation video Why I Quit YouTube that is a pretty interesting watch. Here’s a bit I like that I think will resonate with entrepreneurs:

The word YouTuber is almost a synonym for amateur. Embarassing. Not a real job. Not real talent. Youtubers be like “Subscribe please. Titty clickbait drama crying.” God, YouTubers are so annoying with their self-promotion. “Oh, check out my new video.” Shut the fuck up. Check out this idiot that is proud of themselves. Have you checked the app you’re on? You’re just a YouTuber.

A pop star with a record label has a gigantic machine behind them that does all of the annoying shit. They have marketing departments to promote their material and advertising. They get to look relatabe in funny interviews. And usually, unless they also have songwriters and producers, just stick to what they are supposedly good at sit back looking cool and meticulously styled.

A YouTuber might be a singer/songwriter, but they have to write the music, set up the cameras, the lights, the audio, the recording, do the performance, edit it, design the assets, post it, and promote it. Then they are annoying for having to promote their own music.

You have so many jobs as a YouTuber! Producing decent-quality video and audio is no joke. That’s a dozen jobs you could make a career out of specializing in. Daniel puts a point on that:

You’re doing 12 different jobs. You’re a camera operator, lighting designer, sound engineer, video editor, graphic designer, writer, content manager, marketing agent, social media copy editor, brand ambassador, PR, and community rep. Oh yeah, and whatever the fuck your content is about.

Wanna get into tech and build a Software-as-a-Service app? You’re doing 12 different jobs. You’re a designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, UX specialist, industry analyst, accountant, manager, copywriter, social media strategist, customer support agent, marketer, oh, and you need an extremely good idea that you can do better than anyone else.

Not to mention it’s super risky.

2 responses to “That’s a lot of jobs”

  1. Harry Styles says:

    I’m really glad to see someone with your experience (and influence) to bring up the fact that being a developer is multiple jobs at once. I know you make the point primarily that building a SaaS is many jobs. But as an advanced newbie, this is one of the things I see gone by ignored. Most people don’t realize that deploying an app, designing, actually “coding”, testing, and giving it all a good UX is each its own job in itself (or its own team, for companies big enough). That was really hard for me to understand when I was learning / before I got into tech.

  2. Niels says:

    Creating any complicated thing from the ground up in a half-way decent manner is gonna require a diverse set of skills: a website, a video, a house, a meal for 8, an art installation, a sports tournament etc etc.

    I also think it’s a sliding scale somewhat related to the size of the organization you’re in. If you’re all there is: you need to do everything, if you’re in a megacorp™️ you may be able to specialize deeply.

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